Wardrobe Season: The Killing time

Oh god – it seems I will have to sell some of my dresses, or at least one my Alice and the Pirates OP, due to the fact that it has stopped fitting me. When I first bought it was like a dream but slowly I EXPANDED OUTWARDS and now I am remiss to sell one of my prize possessions.

I am trying to not feel like a massive failure, I feel like I work as hard as I can to get the money for the things I want and when I have to lose those things it’s a bit of a blow. I like material things, I’m a friggen Capricorn baby.

But it seems to me that before I have to remove my limb/sell my dress there are certain things I have to consider. Not only about selling this particular item but other items in my wardrobe.

If it doesn’t fit, consider alteration. If alteration is not in the budget/item will lose its possible resale value with modification/cannot be modified it may be a good time to reconsider its place. If it still has some retail value, an easy way to ascertain what sort of price range you can sell your (dress/shoes/skirt/blouse/bag/ect) item is to check egl_comm_sales and see what similar items are selling for. Can you let it go for a competitive price? Is it a rare item that you could start a reasonable bidding war with? Can you sell it for less if desperate for the money or desperate to be rid of it?

Before I sell it – is it clean? Do I have to dry clean it or attend to any marks or stains? Is the set complete? What sort of postage (national/international) rate can I estimate to have to charge?

My Dress
* Alteration possible but I would rather the cash than mangle it.
* A guesstimate of $150 usd would be a good starting point OBO
* It was part of a special set from AATP, I bought it only with the set socks which now have no resale value, has original detachable sleeves but the cravat part is missing (possibly lost, if can find it all the better for sale possibilities)* cleaning may be needed as it has hung in closet for a while and a good pressing and ironing would make it easier to fold such a busy dress and send through the post in a reasonable way.

When selling items such as clothing, shoes, bags, hair accessories it is common courtesy to wash the items properly, even dry cleaning for certain times. If you smoke, find someone who doesn’t to give the fabric a smell and even if the scent is faint, non smokers are squicked out by residual smoke – air out your clothing and use a reasonable amount of fabric freshener. If you cannot get rid of the smell and try to sell it anyway you may cop some bad feedback and reviews. As a smoker myself I have received items that were quite smoky which is unpleasant and unprofessional.

For shoes, make sure the soles are clean – sometimes international customs may find contaminated dirt/insects on shoes and not let it through – it keeps fungus, insects and other contaminants from wrecking at the environment and leaves a lolita out there barefoot. Make sure to clean the inside of the shoes too as athlete’s foot and mould is not lolita.

Hair bows can be gently hand washed and if you have a flat hair iron with heat settings you can gently press it flat as well. With plastic hair bows/bands you might see some residue of hair spray/products on the surface, a wet wipe might help or an alcohol swab.

In the end, to be a good seller, send your goods as you would like to recieve it and consider with research your price and desireablitly of what you are going to sell. Taking a chance also may suprize you – and in the end you will be minus one item and plus money.

Maybe one say I will have the balls to sell my dress and stop hoping that one day I open my eyes and I’m back in the past when it did fit me well. I know what I have to do to replace this depressing garment with money that may fund a less depressing garment…. ;__; CURSES!


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