Nothing To Wear

I have  a lot of clothing and yet I seem to have NOTHING TO WEAR for the next big meet this Saturday. I regret not going to the Valley and checking out the bodyline stall.

For anyone in Brisbane, Queensland – the Fortitude Valley Markets – which are on every weekend (Saturday and half capacity on Sunday) there is a stall selling Bodyline and Fan + Friend. The mark up is low and you can order from them, am kicking myself that I miss going to the markets more often.

Considering my wardrobe, a Kodona style outfit is feasible – though forgoing the traditional hat (unless I can find a decent Topper or the like between now and then) and opt for a rakish up do and consider what would my man!style!idols do? Robert Downey Jr or Johnny Depp? Period set films are great for considering your man!stlye – for both girls in boys style attire, girls in male drag and boys who want to Prince up.

Shoes are an issue as well, they tend to be a little more on the chunky side, though I have seen amazing boystyle outfits with Rockinghorses as well. If that idea falls through I do have my dresses… if I still have the nerve to pull them back on, it is always said that you can wear one outfit many ways but I feel I have exhausted much of my usual options – perhaps some evil rule breaking would need to be done.

It is exhausting on the wallet/sewing machine as having a nice new outfit for every meet up is hardly feasible for some, trying to move past feeling old hat and repetitive in outfit choice and enjoy the time I spend with my friends is a better outlook on the situation.

Stay tuned for more of my unproductive panic!


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