Lullaby to paralyze: Lolitas and Music

I know very little about classical music and lets face it, if I ever meet Andrew Rieu on the street one day I am heavily inclined to murder him.

One of my longtime pet peeves is the assumption that Lolitas are universally obsessed with music from Japan – VK, JRock/Metal/Pop ect. Sure, there are a few cool bands from Japan and to discredit their influence on the visual style of Lolita would be ignoring a vital part of the scene, history and evolution of Lolita. It is a generalization to say that all lolitas love Visual Kei – I know I don’t – and know many more who don’t but even they acknowledge its influence on the style.

There many lolitas who are into the metal scene, some prefer Korean pop, some love hardcore, nerdcore, noise, hip hop, R & B, Jazz, folk, indie, punk, goth rock, pop and dance music. A lolita is more than the assumed demographic. As far as my tastes go I listen to a lot of things from Led Zeppelin to Simon and Garfunkel, Weird Al to Doug Anthony All Stars and Australian artists like The Presets, Gotye and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (sort of expats I suppose).

As a convert to the First Church of Lady Gaga – I know that initially most lolitas hated her for wearing an older AP white op (can someone confirm the brand for me?) with panda-style eyemakeup and in general failing to “do it right”. Love or loath her it was a better look than hip hop artist Lil’ Mama’s Fruits Parlour skirt, chucks and sports bra combination. If pressed to choose I would choose the lesser of two evils here – that – and LADY GAGA ROCKS! Anybody with the audacity to wear the extreme of the runway with so much gusto in and out of performance always gets my a++ seal of approval.

In Soviet Lady Gaga, The Muffin bluffs you!

Haters gonna hate.

What some theorize is that music that influences lolita should be a certain way, a mix of the Baroque piano from Moi Dix Mois, the tang of angst from a Victorian gothic murder and the listenability of a small caliber gunshot to the ear drum.

My top Ten Lolita Style Mix

A mix of songs that either, for me, bring up a visual or emotive response that I connect to with my experience in Lolita fashion

1. Lucretia, My Reflection by The Sisters of Mercy
A goth dance floor staple and if I didn’t include it the Goth Mafia would revoke my Bat-Credit Card, membership to the Goth Unions and my seniors Discount at Bi-Lo. For the Gothic Lolitas who want to dance with their own beautiful moonlit reflections in the ruins of a great empire. Or some wanky shit. It’s a good song.

2. Front et Baiser by Moi Dix Mois
I would be remiss if I did not include something from Mana’s post Malice Mizer band. This particular track perhaps because all the elements come together so neatly – the piano, the metal influence and the goth rock influences. Altogether I think the strongest track on Dix Infernal.

3. Henry Lee by Nick Cave and P.J. Harvey
The most popular duet Nick Cave has done was “Where the Wild Roses Grow” but “Henry Lee” has its own haunting narrative teamed with Cave’s gravel course croon and the fragile but cutting vocals make it a less passive duet than wild roses.

4.  Hearts a Mess by Gotye
Delicate as it is dark and emotive. Amazing video clip as well. For non Australians try iTunes or importing “Like Drawing Blood”.

5. Analyze by Thom Yorke
Solo album from Radiohead frontman, haunting and delicate – The Eraser is an amazing album – all killer and no filler.

6. Fade to Black by Apocalyptica
Fool your Classical loving friends and astound your hard rock lovin’ friends with Apocalyptica “Plays Metallica by Four Cellos” – their first few albums took popular Metallica tracks and recomposed them to be played by a Cello quartet. Its chamber music to head bang to and if that isn’t fucking Lolita I don’t know what is *dies*

7. Seventeen by Ladytron
Dont let ageism get you down though.

8. Within You by David Bowie
From the Labyrinth Soundtrack, the last song in the Escher room – guh – a visual feast and CROTCH I mean… delicate as it is obsessive.

9. Tonight, Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins
One of their more commercial hits, it’s sweet, whimsical and dream like and the video clip is a work of art in itself.

10. Because I Want You by Placebo
Lolita is a love hate relationship and full of unfifilled girl crushes.


3 Responses to “Lullaby to paralyze: Lolitas and Music”

  1. I am a Lolita who knows zip about classic music and except for a few months back when I was 17 I don’t really care about Visual bands.

    OMG Great playlist! I love pretty much all of those bands! I have totally got to do a Lolita play list of my own sometime.

  2. Thank you man funny stuff see you again here

  3. OK cool to see- new blogs are always helpful! Blessings.

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