Micro Post: Terrifying the Mail Men/Women of the World

I do miss the anticipation of waiting for something to come in the mail.

Occasionally when I have been home in time to receive it the delivery guy will first hear a clamber of things falling to the ground as I race to the door. Before that days of paranoia in the morning, any car passing by could be the delivery truck. And when it does come its time to tear at the packing while standing in the door way because waiting one SECOND LONGER could literally kill me.

Sometimes delivery services that leave stuff on door steps are like Ninjas. The minute you forget your waiting for something, you turn around for what feels like a second and then BOOM you didn’t even hear the truck come or go. Package on door step.

Methinks it’s about time I learned how to use Taobao Now (NAO?) e__e

One Response to “Micro Post: Terrifying the Mail Men/Women of the World”

  1. The doorbell at my house don’t work, so I printed out a sign saying, in funky cute letter:

    And now they are use to knock very loudly and hear me run and get all excited.

    One the time the Fedex guy told me I was always making he’s day by being so excited!

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