A Lolita Valentine

A quick shout out to loli_valentines – occasionally we lolitas like to stop with the hair pulling, eye gouging and gangland style executions to give a little love to Lolitas we know and love. The good thing about loli valentines is that it is not limited to valentines, you can send your anon love notes all year round (like a real creeper). And though I’m a little late with this one its a mega word up to the regular Brisbane Albert Street Droogs *gang sign*.


And also to all the babes not pictured here too.

That being said, Valentines is a crock and I’ll still be lonely, horny (+1 sex store frequent buyer card punch hole) and casting voodoo curses on dating sites that yield no (usable) results.


3 Responses to “A Lolita Valentine”

  1. Love the photo you have! The site is pretty cool. ^_^

  2. I love the photo! XD It’s briljant!

  3. Happy late v-day bb~

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