Perfume: A Love Story

Many lolita blogs have written on the subject of perfumes, I looked at my vanity and thought about my perfumes and the scents I’ve favored over the years. A beautiful perfume can evoke a lot of emotions, for the longest time I wore Dior “Hypnotic Poison” – people on the street would stop me and tell me I smelt beautiful. Hypnotic is a darker, red, spicy scent, makes strangers melt like warm nutella.

Vivienne Westwoods “Anglomania” has been a real trickster the story goes my ex(then) boyfriend associated the scent with me, we broke up, I bought a bottle of it for my best friend who wore it and he recognized it and automatically thought I was around (I wasn’t). Hah jokes on you!

some artsy junk from my trunk

My perfume collection

Anglomania is rose, leathery and top notes of cardamom and guaranteed to scar ex boyfriends for life. (Also a motherfucker to find in Australia now, before I got two of the small EDTs for $15 D:)

Lolita Lempika “L” is a slight divergence from the other two, heavy, sex, leather, spice, bitchgoddess scents but defiantly still alluring. Inspired by mermaids, sirens and other malicious ocean and water creatures without smelling like low tide.

L by Lolita Lempicka


“L” is bitter orange, beramont, musk – sweet without the tyranny of overt floral.  Note: MERMAIDS WILL KILL YOU. Wear it with Angelic Pretty’s Mermaid Symphony.

Yardley is something I just got into – one of the worlds oldest Perfumeries and still official perfumery to the Queen – makes traditional English perfumes such as “Lilly of the Valley”, “English Lavender” and “English Rose”. Says what it does on the label and does it very well. I’m currently loving the Heritage “Orange Blossom” as I’m batshit for three things, orange blossom, jasmine and musks – any girlier and I’d have two vagina. It may remind you of your grandmother but you are currently wearing more petticoat than she did back in the 50s so shut up XD.

The standard with Lolita and perfume matching is sweet, candy scents belong to the Sweet Lolitas, dark, alluring belong to the Gothic Lolitas and the traditional floral belong to the Classic.  And lets face it that’s kinda boring – that’s like telling steampunks they should smell of ozone and cog grease – some lolitas prefer the more modern scents from Burberry, Calvin Klien, Jean Paul Gautier, Anna Sui and celebrity vanity scents (just stay away from the stuff that’s clearly a gimmick eg. Hummer aka Eau de Asshole).

Test or ask to have a wiff of anything before you buy and keep a nose on that scent through out the day because people’s skin holds the perfume differently, I know some of my perfumes on my mother seem to walk right on the door when she tries to wear them and on me they linger. If you are overwhelmed some perfume places have little pots of raw coffee bean for you to sniff and make it easier to tell one smell from the other.

For the lolita who likes to keep half the earth in her Bunny Bear bag (which is nuts because you cant even cram a fist into the bigger one)  a fancy Atomizer is a great idea and come in a variety of cute shapes.


Puft Puft!

You can get these wholesale online through the usual channels – etsy, ebay, ect – as well as find vintage atomizers in many designs and colours. The cheap and easy ones are plastic spray tubes and the nicer ones are glass bottles, sometimes with the squeeze ball sprayer.

Vintage atomizers are a great little piece of toilette to collect as the bottles are much prettier and sometimes made from fine crystal so always keep a lock out!


5 Responses to “Perfume: A Love Story”

  1. I do like Westwood’s perfumes, they are just the right mix of old lady, naughtiness, brassiness and sexiness. Maitresse is amazing! And have you tried Songes by Annick Goutal?

    • Boudoir is one I want to sample some day tobacco flower + a crazy mix of a whole bunch of unexpected things. hmmmnn.

      No I haven’t but I’ll try and track it down!

      • It just dawned on me that the book is actually called Perfume: The Story of a Murderer. XD I have no idea why I always think “A Love Story” that is not the same at all.

        I should try that! Because I’m the same way when people like my perfume, especially the Paris Hilton one. I do not think most people associate “clean, nice smelling” with that woman.

  2. I thought your post was going to be about the book/movie by the same title XD

    Anglomania sounds like the perfume of my dreams, I’ve got to hunt some down! Actually they all sound nice. I have a collection of “perfumes by skanky celebs” that somehow started as a joke, but I’ve got to say I love Paris Hilton’s and Britney Spear’s perfumes. They both smell like delicious candy. Hillary Duff, on the other hand, smells like a fresh hamster cage.

    • Some of the celeb ones actually do smell not that bad but as my friend said to me, she adores the first Britney Spears scent but is loathed to tell anyone where it comes from when they ask about it.

      For popstar scents – have a try of Kylie Minouge’s “Darling” – Minouge is only famous in Australia and the UK.

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