Micropost: Alice In Yawnnn…..

I’m going to rant a little about Alice in Wonderland for a minute. My ultimate feeling towards it in relation to Lolita is that it’s been done to death, it’s a story I’ve heard about 7 zillion times and no – I am not looking forward to the upcoming Tim Burton film.

I killed Alice

Such is my distain, I drew this terrible image

There are a lot of people out there who are eternally in love with the story, collectors of Alice things and that’s fine but I’ve come to the point in time where it’s just become boring to me. I wish Tim Burton would go back to making films like Ed Wood and if he is going to get Johnny Depp in his work make him work for it. Sure he’s gorgeous but I miss watching Johnny Depp act instead of Johnny Depp Johnny Depping up the place.

I would hope that Burton’s AIW film is interesting and more than just “oooh pretty visuals/Depp being Mr. Wacky Pants for the sake of Wackypants” but I’m not holding my breath. What is even more alarming is the mountains of merchandise available for it months before its release date started appearing at popular clothing stores such as Hot Topic and Jay Jays.

Perhaps I shall write a review if I go and see it and maybe even attempt to leave my cynical hat at home..


3 Responses to “Micropost: Alice In Yawnnn…..”

  1. I agree 100%. Everyone is so excited about this movie, but to me, it just looks like another “Depp wears funny clothes, look at how hot he looks in makeup” movies. Tim Burton hasn’t made a good film since Mars Attacks XD Plus his other remakes, Planet of the Apes and Willy Wonka, totally sucked.

    • Mars Attacks was the best movie ever – the only reason there’s half of everyone in Hollywood in that movie is that they caught wind of how much fun everyone was having in that production. Dropped what they were doing and begged for a bit part. How cool was that?

  2. I have to agree Johnny Depp is getting very annoying being in every one of Tim Burton’s films! I love the wackiness of Tim Burton and his ideas but really wish he would find some new talent – give someone else a chance.

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