Qs and As: Ask this Lolita Anything.

So – at a lost as to what to blog about right now I was wondering what you the people who read this blog think.

Do you have any questions? About Lolita? About anything? About me? Want my opinions on anything (Fabric top hats? Hate them. Wigs? Always opt for quality and high peer reviews. West Coast Synth Rock vs East Coast Electronica Revivalists?)

Comments? Criticisms? Anything?

Helping Hands!

I can be on occasion, helpful!

4 Responses to “Qs and As: Ask this Lolita Anything.”

  1. Ok, maybe I’ve spent too much time on you know where, but the online culture of lolita seems to have evolved into an attitude leaning towards demanding sort of aesthetic perfection, like, expecting or wishing that everyone who wears lolita looks like a perfect fashion plate everytime they leave the house. How can one reconcile this expectation with being a flawed, complicated, gorgeous human being? How can we, as plucky young ladies subvert the norms of mainstream fashion whilst not being complete itas? How can we feel good about our strange post pubescent bodies whilst trying to squish ourselves into frilly dresses made for tiny asian frames? How do we know when to draw the line of looking weird bad as opposed to weird yet all cute and lolita-esque?


      It’s a complex question – I take into consideration what’s happening in Japan (through Jessica’s second hand/first hand/translations and from being on ground level experience) and their non eurocentric approch to many issues such as femininity/feminism and what these ‘desexualizing’ trends (lolita, Mori, NKei) are trying to vocalize and what the Western (Mainly US + European + Australian) society is doing to shape lolita into something they can understand. I think that’s where a lot of this rigidity in the rule and aesthetic puritanism might stem from – that for a long time due to the language/cultural difference we did our best to translate it and then to make it something we could in the hive mind use as a guide stick to make ‘sense of it all’. And in that effort we might loose quite a few of those earlier bright eyed ideals – especially when people become ‘competitive’ lolitas – perhaps it would a healthier thing all together to at this point step back and examine what we’ve done with lolita and see how we can go about changing it further still for the better.

      That’s easier said than done, I mean lolita in the west is the BORG from Star Trek – creating an understanding that the theatrical ‘perfect’ outfit ideal can be left for meets/photoshoots/when you feel like it – rather than glamorizing that as a way of life – you might as well be a Gal/Gyaru girl. No one’s telling anyone to put the fake lashes away. BUT Lolita is a look that at the very least requires a moderate amount of grooming – and I’m talking common sense grooming – wash your face, brush your teeth, wash your hair, keep your nails clean and bathe regularly and most people will look and feel better and people will want to be around you.

      Lolita even as a subculture faces some of the same mainstream pressures about appearance – so I think the proactive campaigning that goes on in the mainstream against the airbrushed/touched up/theatrically done unreality of say girls who model in GLBs. The tyranny of “look cute” always seems like an odd one to me because looking at say daily_lolita / ala mode is that 94% of girls check a lot of the “cute” features genotypes – soft or delicate features – or if you’re a bit sharper in the face people who use cosmetics or style there hair intentionally to reach that aesthetic, the height issue is a weird one because even some of the brand models are as tall as average American girls. If tall/leggy girls aren’t cute by that logic 99% of CLAMP studio anime/manga females don’t qualify as cute.

      The TL DR of that is that we should re-examine what nearly a decade of Western interest/involvement in Lolita has built for us and what we need to fix or challenge.


  2. The only thing I can think of really is it need moar pictures/graphics to keep people interested in what you are writing. You might also be interested in pretty-ing up the layout. Other than that, I like the content so I dunno how you would want to change that.

    Hope that’s an okay suggestion.

    • I would if I knew more CSS (I really dont) and most of the wordpress defaults are kinda fug-a-rific so I’ll consult my code slaves on dusting up the place. Am shoring up/digging out my stock image and attempting some more amateur-tastic photography too :D

      Love ya G-dawg – we should pow wow soonish yeah yeah?

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