Leaving Lolita

Leaving Lolita is a hell of a lot easier than getting into it. I’ve been thinking about it recently again because in the past I had to stop doing a lot of things related to it because it was making me very depressed. I no longer check brand sites or even the sales comm, looking at other people’s LP hauls or huge, beautiful photo spreads and brand events parties makes you just die of jealousy.

Taking my Peacock with me too

Leaving Downy Cloud by Amy Sol

For me – I just feel bloated and unpretty and being poor really doesn’t help. I feel like I cant be a part of all this any more – hell I feel like I’ve maxed out everything I have to say about Lolita too. I have a lot of dresses that I probably wont get rid of because I may be left with nothing to wear!

One of the traditions of leaving is the leaving sale – it’s usually a good way to get money for other things – and even at second hand resale Lolita can get you quite a bit of money. That goes a long way for new clothes that you actually like but unfortunately for me I’ve always had expensive tastes. I doubt I could leave in one fell swoop.

I don’t think I’ll leave all together since I’m terrified there’s nothing else out there that I liked as much or could possibly replace what I spent so much time and energy on.

We’ll see.


8 Responses to “Leaving Lolita”

  1. Aw, I’m sorry to here this! Your blog was one of the first Lolita blogs I ever found and I really liked it. I hope you won’t be giving up on the blog? Good luck with whatever you decide to do ^^

  2. Hey there! Sorry to hear that you don’t feel well :( Maybe you can try to not wear lolita for a while and/or sell your least favourite pieces to try out leaving before going all the way :)
    Good luck with everything and I hope all works out well in the end!

    • My least favourite dress as it stands is rather unsellable (BLEACH STAIN WRHY??) – it’s an ancient BTSSB dress that alas was kinda fug when it was new – but I’m going to re-do it, fix the lace and try and somehow hide the stain because I do like the fabric.

      I’ll be feeling less crap soon hopefully.

  3. Nooooooooo don’t leave!

    I love your blog and I think you’re so pretty!

    I say fuck all the clones, and let’s have more people like you with your own style and your strongminded character!

    • Its unfortunate that my strong mind is also the one that’s sending me crazy. Fear not – I’m not leaving yet – am just struggling with it is all… like most lolitas do anyway :3

  4. I adore your website. I visit it frequently.
    I do know how you are feeling though.
    I dressed in decora for a while then I got back into lolita.

  5. I think I’ve been in lolita as long as you, and I suppose after time this happens. I may have accidentally “graduated” from lolita. Those clothes don’t feel so right anymore.
    Never have I been a full-time wearer, so my wardrobe is small. But I think I will keep most of what I have, and still order what I like from brands.
    Always been more of a boy anyway xD

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