Mori Girl: Deep in the Woods

I know some lolitas have left well Lolita in favor of Mori Girl – one of the biggest style trend coming out of Japan right now. A lot of the lolita Blogs have discussed the aspects of Mori Girl because there is some crossover. For example Classic Brands Such as Innocent World and Lolita Indies brands have dresses, shoes, cardigans and other accessories that fit perfectly or well with the Mori Girl look. Classic Lolitas can also take a lot of aspects and items from the Mori look to augment their wardrobes and that’s always a good thing.

Natural Kei is also associated with Mori girl style and they too interchange/mix/blend/share brands, lables and designers as well as aesthetics.

Thnkx Spoon Magazine

A fixed point in a moving age

The Mori “Forest” Girl girl look is all about looking like a young/ageless girl who has lived in the forest a long time, wearing flowing, comfortable, vintage, loose clothing and in general living a solitary, quiet existence. The solitary thing is what seems to be the mori ‘lifestyle’ option – in Japan where there’s about 3 people for every one square meter of space – some alone time is a luxury for some. I don’t think I could do that, I’ve gotten used to having an entourage of vicious lolitas around me (Word up my Droogs) and I find I am doing things alone when I need to be alone. Mori girls are all about sitting for hours in coffee shops drinking endless cups of tea out of mismatching china and journal writing or browsing in bookstores for hours on end. Well I do that already and goth chicks have been doing that for exactly twelve billion years too but for Japanese Mori Girls (and Guys) its about making an alternative for themselves in life than the fast paced sleep/eat/work/work/work/die/repeat pace of modern Japanese life.

Unlike Lolita which has a very hard and fast style guide and the so called Lifestyle shit that offends me greatly as a human being – Mori is a loose, an organic, light colour pallet, simple but feminine. As I understand it, its more about an ephemeral feeling that remains frozen in at indeterminable age.

Here is a translation of the Mori Girl Check List

This is the English Mori Girl Livejournal Community

mori girl style

Cinnamon, candied rose petals and old lace

I don’t think Mori Girl is for me but I do love aspects of it and think there are great crossover potentials between Mori and Lolita. Imagine, a Lolita wonders out of the historical side of the city (where most Lolitas pretend they’d love to live) and stumble into the woods and get lost, get a little feral and stir crazy. Soon the brand jsk starts to fray and get a little tatty, she finds an old heavy knit coat, the petticoat fluffs down and peeks tattered edges, she lets her socks slide down her ankles and her make up rubs off. Spends hours decorating her old AP hairbow that has become sun faded with bright flowers and doesn’t care that there’s grass seeds on the bunny bear bag.


One Response to “Mori Girl: Deep in the Woods”

  1. Thanks for writing this one, I’d heard about mori girl and done a little googling. Looks interesting, not sure if its very “me” but I think I like it. Might try wearing it some time. :)

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