This Fabric is Cursed: The dress that may never be

A little over a year ago I got it into my head after seeing so many lovely classical dresses in brown tartan that I needed one and could save a few bucks by commissioning someone to do it.


I had seen this dress in a magazine and wanted something similar with a detachable peter pan collar.

While this design is not the most explicitly Classic lolita dress on earth it was a good little piece of inspiration. Also $330 D: – an interesting phenomena that happens with long time lolitas is that sometimes we loose perspective of what things cost when they’re not “lolita brand” items.

Finding the fabric was not the hard part, it’s a beautiful 100% cotton with a lovely drape to it – about 3 or 3.5 meters worth – which would be enough and then some for an OP and maybe some accessories. The trim was easy too I found several meters of nice black lace for cheap from a wholesaler and had stacks of other things like ribbon, thread – all that’s missing is some satin for lining. So far so good but there is where the good fortune ends.

The cursed tartan

White Whale / Holy Grail

As much as I enjoy sewing projects I’ve never made a dress or one as complicated and personally fitted as this project was. Back then I also had the money to cover the costs of paying someone with the skill and knowledge to make a proper lolita dress.

When finding a seamstress its always important to check their portfolio of work to see the quality and craftsmen ship of their work. For lolitas its defiantly important to find someone who has made lolita style dresses and knows a little/a lot about the style, if there is a miss-communication about an aspect such as the amount of fullness the skirt needs to be or how puffy the sleeves should be you may end up with a dress that may not be able to accommodate the proper amount of petticoat and have huge 80’s prom dress puff sleeves.

Back to my dilemma I had checked around for a seamstress online – at the time I wanted a local lolita or lolita minded seamstress – unfortunately the one person who could had a full time table and my friend and fellow lolita kept being stopped from helping me for many reasons which I couldn’t fault her for. Months later I found someone else who was quite capable but once again my cash situation became another snorlax on my road.

snorlax more like BORELAX

Snorlax is a Metaphor for the Journey of life... okay maybe not.

In a way this dress has been a white whale for me and my BFF and life will probably always take a dump on a lot of my lolita based goals/dreams. Maybe I was a jerk in a past life or maybe thems the breaks – this project may come to fruition or stay in a limbo like purgatory. I have so many cute co-ordinating ideas around this dress but I should really focus on getting it made before that.

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