Store Review: Sportsgirl Australia

For non American lolitas we sit and envy the cute finds you get when the winds of fashion blow towards a lolita friendly aesthetic at mainstream favourite “Forever 21”.

In Australia we have Sportsgirl. Sportsgirl is not only found in Australia but in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Thailand – thus why they have a Jiten page on Poupee Girl.

The Poupee Girl Jiten Page

Sportsgirl has been around since 1945 as a younger sister store to the very conservative Sportscraft label – aiming at the younger more hip crowd. Sportsgirl was all about the international trends and bringing in local designers when possible – if somethings hot on the runway or all the rage on the London high street Sportsgirl had a version of it.

While I actually don’t like most of the clothing there – I go for two things – Accessories and cosmetics – Because they tend to have a lot of items relative to my tastes. 98% of the time I think their clothing is a little over priced, not my style and often cut in a way that is unflattering on my body shape. That being said one of my favourite locations is the Sportsgirl in Chermside Shopping Center because accessories is in a different store front across the isle and clothing is in the other.

stuff for style

Roses, Pearls and Your Grandaddy's Bling

For the past couple of seasons they have been making a lot of very loli-able jewelery and hair accessories. Most fashion stores here are stocking bows (for hair and as brooches) in various sizes and fabrics/textures perfectly suited for varying lolita styles. Bows are very much en vouge outside of lolita which I for one am happy about because I love bows! They also have been doing a lot of Classic friendly jewelery with pearls, resin roses, charms and antique look findings as well as Goth-y style romantic jewelery. Anecdotal my friend was wearing a very gothic lolita/goth-friendly piece of jewelery from Sportsgirl and when asked at a club where she got it (Sportsgirl) the other person sneered. Sportsgirl is seen the dominion of “normal girls” who like modern graphic prints and the so-hot-its-cold-Hipster-trend-du-jour but hey my friend and I don’t give a crap :D. Their accessories start at $5.95 and never cost anymore than $30, often they have good sales when old lines make way for the new.

Their colours cosmetics range (mainly talking about their nail polishes, glitter and glimmers, eyeshadow/pencils, lipsticks and glosses) is also great because its great quality as far as wear, pigment and price. I cannot vouch for their faux tanning range because I was born toasty brown.

war paint baby

Great quality essentials

Their cosmetics start at $5 and are no more than $20/25.

They do stock some other cool accessories sometimes, I bought a beautiful Bowler hat from Sportsgirl a little while back for $40 and occasionally have cool boots and heels. Go in there for the acessories if nothing else – I know I do!

Clothing 1/10 – Occasionally might find a cool jacket but usually not worth it
Accessories 6/10 for Selection – depending on what’s in – Quality 8/10
Cosmetics 8/10 – good quality that’s bang for the buck
International Shipping? I do believe they do and with the conversion rate from AUD to USD expect to save!
Store: 6.5/10 – I find a lot of mainstream stores intimidating but for the most part the Brisbane based stores I’ve been to have been good and the staff are friendly.


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