Lolita as a Feminist Response: An EGL discussion

omg a puppy!

I chose to be BAMF - do you?

Interesting and insightful discussion on Lolita as a feminist response to modern fashion’s sexualization of women? On egl of all places? You be trippin. If you cant tell by now my username is ‘sweetphaex’.

Stemming from an interesting discussion on an article linked in the initial post from THE BEAT.

Who ever Mariah is I think I love her!

There is also a link a great article on Lolita from the Sydney Morning Herald – lolita as a feminist response but perhaps not as we (the west) know it.

I look at women who wear vintage 50’s and 40’s dresses with the proper petticoats, nylons and flawless victory curls, Rockabilly girls in their tight capris or their pencil skirts, Mori Girls – hell even Hipster/Frankie magazine subscriber girls in their depression era reproduction shift dresses are all doing a similar thing. Reclaiming femininity.


One Response to “Lolita as a Feminist Response: An EGL discussion”

  1. Wow. Some very interesting thoughts there. Thnx for posting this.

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