Mariana: What she told me about being an Angelic Pretty model

A long time ago – around 2004 – I had become friends with a young girl who’d recently moved from Japan to Australia to study. The interest that brought us together was Lolita and her experience of Japan and lolita in Japan was defiantly fascinating. I think she was Brazilian born but had grown up in Japan and her name was Mariana.

On the left – even she was quite ‘wtf’ about that hair. Click for Larger

Mariana is no longer a lolita and we do not see her very often but when we do it is always a treat because she’s a sweet and friendly girl. I remember talking to her about how she became a model for Angelic Pretty, the story goes that she was simply standing in the store shopping when she was approached to do a fashion show for them. It’s rather fanciful stuff but she did model for two or three event shows and she told me that they made her wear about five of their poofiest petticoats and that it was hard to move around in.

Mariana also appears in two full page advertisements in the Gothic and Lolita Bible:

Cuteness Redefined!
Early 2000s Advert for Angelic Pretty – Click for larger

I am not sure what the situation with models currently is at AP these days but she told me that these shoots took several hours and were not done for the pay but for the prestige. I think she said the pay was about $40 tops but hey bragging rights are priceless no? In the end she found she preferred the more mature Classic lolita look and the more subdued gothic style but after a while decided she liked other clothing better and that happens. People grow.

Old picture is old
Mariana and I – 2004

Can you dig that ancient ass old-school headpiece I’m rocking? I miss hanging around her, she was good kind of people, great seamstress too and hilarious when drunk. I hope I see her again soon.


3 Responses to “Mariana: What she told me about being an Angelic Pretty model”

  1. Ohhhhhhhh
    you wrote such a sweet thing about me….
    Honestly, I think you are the sweetest and intelligent lolita I ever met.
    I’m glad to have you as lolita friend till now.
    I still get sad that I’m no longer wearing my panniers and high socks (especially when I see you on street rocking lolita look!) but in my heart I will always be lolita.

  2. Vysanthe Says:

    Thanks for the backstory and pics ;D what a babe.

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