Lolita: Photos of Friends

I’m so happy how some of the photos I took that particular outing turned out. Especially this one of Xelyna who was going for an ‘Alice’ look and man does she nail it! These were taken at Southbank parklands and with Suze’s ghetto little point/click digital camera but I had the good fortune of nature’s own lighting filter (overcast weather) to help.


Xelyna in AP - Click for Large

Please tell me if the colours are too dark – my pc’s monitor is on it’s death bed so editing pictures is a bitch.

Brisbane Lolita All Stars

Gabbie, Xelyna and Caitlin and Suze in the background

Looking whimsical in gardens is what lolis do best! Gabbie wears BTSSB, Xelyna in Angelic Pretty and Caitlin in Innocent World (One of my old dresses actually – pic doesn’t do it justice – looks so much better on her than ever did on me!) and Suze in Putumayo.


2 Responses to “Lolita: Photos of Friends”

  1. Pretty photo’s! Especially the first one :) The Alice look is really pretty on her! And in the second photo I like that it looks so casual. Nice job :)

  2. jesuisblonde Says:

    You all look so cute!

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