Subculture Sides: Lolitas in Brisbane

One of our favorite and talented photographer friends Faith Thiang‘s photographs of her local lolita group (Brisbane Represent *gang signs*) in a slide show event focusing on subcultures, Thursday on the 8th of April at the Australian Center for Photography in Sydney.

Click to see a larger image

Click to see a larger image

As far as the Brisbane Lolitas go, we’re a varied group as there ever was, sweets, gothic lolitas and classic styles, ages between 15 to late 30s, all walks of life, heights, weights, genders and ethnicity brought together initially by the fashion. Now were a huge friends circle, we like to drink, listen to all sorts of music (and sing bawdy songs about Star Trek while drinking), help each other out and have a good time.

We’re creative, interesting, beautiful people – who wouldn’t wanna be a part of something this awesome? I met my best friend in the whole world through lolita, I have been to some amazing parties and given input and participated in some fantastic art works and projects. Our meet culture is pretty relaxed and though we’re told were’ kinda intimidating we’re always welcoming fresh blood into the mix. There’s never a dull moment when the Brisbane lolitas assemble!


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