Hats off to Mr. Jones

For those in Brisbane or who have seen it internationally/around Australia I urge you to check out the Stephen Jones exhibition, “Hats: An Anthology”.


Stephen Jones: Knows Hats!

This is a massive collection of amazing hats and headgear from master Milliner Stephen Jones as well as hats from history (a must see are the bonnets for all lolita bonnet fans, top hats, ladies hats and that Chandelier hat that would go perfect with that Chandelier print) and hats worn by famous people (Darth Vader helmet, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Cap, a Top hat worn by Dita Von Tease).

Entry is free – there’s a fun kids section where you can make your own awesome hat and a great gift/souvenir selection of hats, jewelery and books on fashion. The show is running between the 27th of March – 27th of June 2010, Gallery 4 at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia. For more information Click Here.

Moar hats!

Hats Hats Hats!

I enjoyed this show so much it inspired me to buy a bonnet (review of Rose Melody coming soon) – and am currently on the look out for other hats to add to my collection! Lolitas are quiet fond of hats, bowlers, Top Hats, Bonnets, berets, boaters, tricorns, corsages, facinators, straw hats, safety hats for construction lolitas (nb: This does not exist, please do not attempt to make this exist).

They can cover a bad hair day or just perfectly accentuate an outfit hats are a must have in any wardrobe and accessories collection. From Lolita brands you can get many different styles and each brand specializes in certain style such as Alice and the Pirate’s Tricorns and Metamorphose’s felt Boater.  Angelic Pretty offers over-the-top Bonnets where as Victorian Maiden, Innocent world and other classic brands stock more modest but beautifully detailed bonnets and other felt, straw and silk hats. For optimum hat care it’s important to keep them in a hatbox to keep them from being crushed in storage and in a cool dry place to keep mold at bay, especially for natural fibers and felts.

Bonnet by Stephen Jones

This is a personal favorite

One of the most bizarre hats in Lolita I believe is the Cake Hat both Angelic Pretty and Baby have done cake hats – whatever they were smoking –  I want in.

Angelic Pretty

What this Cake Hat NEEDS is an Eifel Tower.

In all honesty the more I look at this damn thing the more I hate it. I don’t know which one I hate more this one or AP’s ice cream cone headpiece… thing is the only way to describe it. It was a thing. An awful, awful thing.

Making your own hats is a fun hobby and is not limiting to any one particular skill set and if you’re like me and love to collect, salvage and re-make things it can also be done quiet cheaply. Look for your local reverse garbage/refuse recycle for interesting industrial materials, foam and sometimes high quality wedding dress silk off cuts. Ribbons and lace remainders from your local fabric store are often sold in mixed bundles for under $7 that are small enough amounts to experiment and play with. Online Etsy and Ebay have milliner’s supply stores as well as boutique and designer hats going for a song as well and there are many Hat blogs and DIY Hat making and hobby millinery sites.


3 Responses to “Hats off to Mr. Jones”

  1. Can you please send me a link to one of the millinery blogs? I’d like to start making hats!

  2. […] Hats off to Mr. Jones « Dollpart – A Lolita Blog […]

  3. I absolutely love that cake hat, but not because it’s good :D:

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