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Exquisite Corpses: Prize Update #2

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Again, sorry about the delay but here’s the current prize jackpot!


Omg Goodies!

Omg Goodies!


In this update I’ve added a gorgeous black and white stripe tote handmade by yours truly, Dollpart!


Its in the bag baby!

Its in the bag baby!


For clearer images of the prizes click HERE and HERE

For FULL details of the competition click HERE

There have been such lovely entries coming in it will be hard to choose the winner so make it harder for me and SEND YOUR ENTRY IN!

In other news me and some of the other lolitas caught up at my favorite thing on earth – the Brisbane Suitcase Rummage! The idea is you haul out a couple of suitcases worth of your vintage, second hand, hand made and unique things and sell, trade, haggle for them, I know I always come away with tonnes of clothing, jewelery and stuff I never knew I wanted till I found it!

Here’s me and Xelyna


Elegent Bitches

Optical illusions make me look taller


My big dumb face


Too Herp to Derp

Too Herp to Derp


Yikes, my hair WAS in curls earlier that day but the humidity killed them

Blouse: Metamorphose

Delicious things


Dead Tasty

They were Pumpkin and Cinnamon!


Pretty things!


Hipsters gonna Hip

Your Granny's Nick Nacks are some Hipsters Treasure


Stuff to rummage through


Fabric of Time

Fabric of Time


The Brisbane Suitcase Rummage is on every 1st Sunday of the Month, King George Square, Brisbane and sometimes down in the Valley Laneway Markets.


Storage Solutions!

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I’m sure a lot of you have about eight million bows, clips, head bands, hairpieces, bonnets, small hats and other hair accessories just scattered around your room as though a bomb went off in a accessories store.

I was getting pretty sick of my good brand bows and 90% of my hair things living in my sock draw. My regular jewelery box is already choking with the masses of things crammed into them so I had to relocate a lot of delicate and small things elsewhere.



When passing my local dollar store I saw that they had this gorgeous Gift Box white with black velvet flocking. For about $6 AUD I picked it up and it’s really helped keep my bows, bonnet and other delicate things in order.


Stroke its velvety goodness

Now it’s a tad big for my smaller hair bows so I found a cute little gift box my friend Disa gave a gift to me in earlier in the year to house them. For my handkerchiefs I recycled a plastic packaging my undies (shock) came in which snaps closed at the top. They now live nestled neatly inside my beautiful storage box!

Thingies! moar thingies!

Material Goods!

Material Goods!

Look around your local area shops*# for pre-made gift boxes from ring box size right up to large hatbox style boxes with all manner of beautiful prints. If you can only find the plain in the size you want – bust out the craft glue and decoupage that baby. Also finding large pieces of remnant or sample wallpaper or fabric to cover the boxes works too and you can even use velvet or velor to line the inside for that added plush protection.

Everything in its right place

Everything in its right place

This is also a great way to recycle fancy gift boxes, wrapping paper and fabric that would have otherwise become landfill.

*(Australians: Spotlight, Lincraft, Crazy Clarks, Newsagents, Gift card stores)
#(Americans: Hobby Lobby and gift shops)

Hats off to Mr. Jones

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For those in Brisbane or who have seen it internationally/around Australia I urge you to check out the Stephen Jones exhibition, “Hats: An Anthology”.


Stephen Jones: Knows Hats!

This is a massive collection of amazing hats and headgear from master Milliner Stephen Jones as well as hats from history (a must see are the bonnets for all lolita bonnet fans, top hats, ladies hats and that Chandelier hat that would go perfect with that Chandelier print) and hats worn by famous people (Darth Vader helmet, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Cap, a Top hat worn by Dita Von Tease).

Entry is free – there’s a fun kids section where you can make your own awesome hat and a great gift/souvenir selection of hats, jewelery and books on fashion. The show is running between the 27th of March – 27th of June 2010, Gallery 4 at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia. For more information Click Here.

Moar hats!

Hats Hats Hats!

I enjoyed this show so much it inspired me to buy a bonnet (review of Rose Melody coming soon) – and am currently on the look out for other hats to add to my collection! Lolitas are quiet fond of hats, bowlers, Top Hats, Bonnets, berets, boaters, tricorns, corsages, facinators, straw hats, safety hats for construction lolitas (nb: This does not exist, please do not attempt to make this exist).

They can cover a bad hair day or just perfectly accentuate an outfit hats are a must have in any wardrobe and accessories collection. From Lolita brands you can get many different styles and each brand specializes in certain style such as Alice and the Pirate’s Tricorns and Metamorphose’s felt Boater.  Angelic Pretty offers over-the-top Bonnets where as Victorian Maiden, Innocent world and other classic brands stock more modest but beautifully detailed bonnets and other felt, straw and silk hats. For optimum hat care it’s important to keep them in a hatbox to keep them from being crushed in storage and in a cool dry place to keep mold at bay, especially for natural fibers and felts.

Bonnet by Stephen Jones

This is a personal favorite

One of the most bizarre hats in Lolita I believe is the Cake Hat both Angelic Pretty and Baby have done cake hats – whatever they were smoking –  I want in.

Angelic Pretty

What this Cake Hat NEEDS is an Eifel Tower.

In all honesty the more I look at this damn thing the more I hate it. I don’t know which one I hate more this one or AP’s ice cream cone headpiece… thing is the only way to describe it. It was a thing. An awful, awful thing.

Making your own hats is a fun hobby and is not limiting to any one particular skill set and if you’re like me and love to collect, salvage and re-make things it can also be done quiet cheaply. Look for your local reverse garbage/refuse recycle for interesting industrial materials, foam and sometimes high quality wedding dress silk off cuts. Ribbons and lace remainders from your local fabric store are often sold in mixed bundles for under $7 that are small enough amounts to experiment and play with. Online Etsy and Ebay have milliner’s supply stores as well as boutique and designer hats going for a song as well and there are many Hat blogs and DIY Hat making and hobby millinery sites.

Loliweekend Log and Stats!

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Huzzah! 80 000 hits!

Frills and an urge to Kill

Alice is Dead. Long Live Lolita

That’s just a very rough drawing I did in a book and hopefully will paint as a proper oil painting miniature. I like the visual of lolitas doing active things even if those things are violent as opposed to the passive, sit there and look pretty thing seen in most lolita drawings/art.

The first day of the Loli weekend was the big day meet there was a good turn out. Filming was a little different but we’re all very much used to being photographed and looked at especially when in a group. We met at King George Square where we were all interviewed as a group about people’s reactions to seeing us as a group, there was a parasol fight (to the death, Star Trek battle theme plays in background) purikura and drinks at Fat Louies to celebrate Suze’s birthday.



I’m the one in the middle looking like a true chumpette – Outfit by Bodyline, Metamorphose, Enchantress and whatever I could find rolling around my bedroom floor.

Subculture Sides: Lolitas in Brisbane

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One of our favorite and talented photographer friends Faith Thiang‘s photographs of her local lolita group (Brisbane Represent *gang signs*) in a slide show event focusing on subcultures, Thursday on the 8th of April at the Australian Center for Photography in Sydney.

Click to see a larger image

Click to see a larger image

As far as the Brisbane Lolitas go, we’re a varied group as there ever was, sweets, gothic lolitas and classic styles, ages between 15 to late 30s, all walks of life, heights, weights, genders and ethnicity brought together initially by the fashion. Now were a huge friends circle, we like to drink, listen to all sorts of music (and sing bawdy songs about Star Trek while drinking), help each other out and have a good time.

We’re creative, interesting, beautiful people – who wouldn’t wanna be a part of something this awesome? I met my best friend in the whole world through lolita, I have been to some amazing parties and given input and participated in some fantastic art works and projects. Our meet culture is pretty relaxed and though we’re told were’ kinda intimidating we’re always welcoming fresh blood into the mix. There’s never a dull moment when the Brisbane lolitas assemble!

Brisbane Lolita Meet

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We recently had a large meet up, over 20 people there swamping French Twist – a local French patisserie/cafe – the very talented Goldie / vysanthe took photos that day – here’s one of my favorites with Gabby / pretty_melodies and myself:

Delicate Dolls and Devil's Teeth

photograph by Vsanthe

For the rest of the photoshoot click here to see the gallery.

Lolita: Photos of Friends

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I’m so happy how some of the photos I took that particular outing turned out. Especially this one of Xelyna who was going for an ‘Alice’ look and man does she nail it! These were taken at Southbank parklands and with Suze’s ghetto little point/click digital camera but I had the good fortune of nature’s own lighting filter (overcast weather) to help.


Xelyna in AP - Click for Large

Please tell me if the colours are too dark – my pc’s monitor is on it’s death bed so editing pictures is a bitch.

Brisbane Lolita All Stars

Gabbie, Xelyna and Caitlin and Suze in the background

Looking whimsical in gardens is what lolis do best! Gabbie wears BTSSB, Xelyna in Angelic Pretty and Caitlin in Innocent World (One of my old dresses actually – pic doesn’t do it justice – looks so much better on her than ever did on me!) and Suze in Putumayo.