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Exquisite Corpses Update/Delay

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Oh my goodness! So many beautiful entries it’s gonna be HELL choosing them – and not to mention I’m starting a new job, finishing over 5 years worth of studying and moving home in a few weeks time. I’ve not had access to a camera for the final prize update (Courtesy of Kanzashi Hime’s beautiful Kansashi style silk flower hairpieces).

So to keep you all on the edge of your seat the prize wont me drawn until the 4th of November. This means the deadline has been pushed ahead a few more days!!! Thank you so much for your patience and lovely entries!

This year’s Halloween has been a bit of a disappointment, traditionally I spend it partying till I have to re-learn how to tie my shoe laces again. But a mixture of cashlessness, stomach upsets and work in the morning have me home and watching this;

Several times over and over again. Nothing goes as perfectly together as Restoration Shenanigans and Rap, well maybe the Soft-Rock Vikings but overall the Horrible Histories series songs are all amazing.


Storage Solutions!

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I’m sure a lot of you have about eight million bows, clips, head bands, hairpieces, bonnets, small hats and other hair accessories just scattered around your room as though a bomb went off in a accessories store.

I was getting pretty sick of my good brand bows and 90% of my hair things living in my sock draw. My regular jewelery box is already choking with the masses of things crammed into them so I had to relocate a lot of delicate and small things elsewhere.



When passing my local dollar store I saw that they had this gorgeous Gift Box white with black velvet flocking. For about $6 AUD I picked it up and it’s really helped keep my bows, bonnet and other delicate things in order.


Stroke its velvety goodness

Now it’s a tad big for my smaller hair bows so I found a cute little gift box my friend Disa gave a gift to me in earlier in the year to house them. For my handkerchiefs I recycled a plastic packaging my undies (shock) came in which snaps closed at the top. They now live nestled neatly inside my beautiful storage box!

Thingies! moar thingies!

Material Goods!

Material Goods!

Look around your local area shops*# for pre-made gift boxes from ring box size right up to large hatbox style boxes with all manner of beautiful prints. If you can only find the plain in the size you want – bust out the craft glue and decoupage that baby. Also finding large pieces of remnant or sample wallpaper or fabric to cover the boxes works too and you can even use velvet or velor to line the inside for that added plush protection.

Everything in its right place

Everything in its right place

This is also a great way to recycle fancy gift boxes, wrapping paper and fabric that would have otherwise become landfill.

*(Australians: Spotlight, Lincraft, Crazy Clarks, Newsagents, Gift card stores)
#(Americans: Hobby Lobby and gift shops)

Hats off to Mr. Jones

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For those in Brisbane or who have seen it internationally/around Australia I urge you to check out the Stephen Jones exhibition, “Hats: An Anthology”.


Stephen Jones: Knows Hats!

This is a massive collection of amazing hats and headgear from master Milliner Stephen Jones as well as hats from history (a must see are the bonnets for all lolita bonnet fans, top hats, ladies hats and that Chandelier hat that would go perfect with that Chandelier print) and hats worn by famous people (Darth Vader helmet, Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation Cap, a Top hat worn by Dita Von Tease).

Entry is free – there’s a fun kids section where you can make your own awesome hat and a great gift/souvenir selection of hats, jewelery and books on fashion. The show is running between the 27th of March – 27th of June 2010, Gallery 4 at the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia. For more information Click Here.

Moar hats!

Hats Hats Hats!

I enjoyed this show so much it inspired me to buy a bonnet (review of Rose Melody coming soon) – and am currently on the look out for other hats to add to my collection! Lolitas are quiet fond of hats, bowlers, Top Hats, Bonnets, berets, boaters, tricorns, corsages, facinators, straw hats, safety hats for construction lolitas (nb: This does not exist, please do not attempt to make this exist).

They can cover a bad hair day or just perfectly accentuate an outfit hats are a must have in any wardrobe and accessories collection. From Lolita brands you can get many different styles and each brand specializes in certain style such as Alice and the Pirate’s Tricorns and Metamorphose’s felt Boater.  Angelic Pretty offers over-the-top Bonnets where as Victorian Maiden, Innocent world and other classic brands stock more modest but beautifully detailed bonnets and other felt, straw and silk hats. For optimum hat care it’s important to keep them in a hatbox to keep them from being crushed in storage and in a cool dry place to keep mold at bay, especially for natural fibers and felts.

Bonnet by Stephen Jones

This is a personal favorite

One of the most bizarre hats in Lolita I believe is the Cake Hat both Angelic Pretty and Baby have done cake hats – whatever they were smoking –  I want in.

Angelic Pretty

What this Cake Hat NEEDS is an Eifel Tower.

In all honesty the more I look at this damn thing the more I hate it. I don’t know which one I hate more this one or AP’s ice cream cone headpiece… thing is the only way to describe it. It was a thing. An awful, awful thing.

Making your own hats is a fun hobby and is not limiting to any one particular skill set and if you’re like me and love to collect, salvage and re-make things it can also be done quiet cheaply. Look for your local reverse garbage/refuse recycle for interesting industrial materials, foam and sometimes high quality wedding dress silk off cuts. Ribbons and lace remainders from your local fabric store are often sold in mixed bundles for under $7 that are small enough amounts to experiment and play with. Online Etsy and Ebay have milliner’s supply stores as well as boutique and designer hats going for a song as well and there are many Hat blogs and DIY Hat making and hobby millinery sites.

Store Review: Sportsgirl Australia

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For non American lolitas we sit and envy the cute finds you get when the winds of fashion blow towards a lolita friendly aesthetic at mainstream favourite “Forever 21”.

In Australia we have Sportsgirl. Sportsgirl is not only found in Australia but in Hong Kong, New Zealand and Thailand – thus why they have a Jiten page on Poupee Girl.

The Poupee Girl Jiten Page

Sportsgirl has been around since 1945 as a younger sister store to the very conservative Sportscraft label – aiming at the younger more hip crowd. Sportsgirl was all about the international trends and bringing in local designers when possible – if somethings hot on the runway or all the rage on the London high street Sportsgirl had a version of it.

While I actually don’t like most of the clothing there – I go for two things – Accessories and cosmetics – Because they tend to have a lot of items relative to my tastes. 98% of the time I think their clothing is a little over priced, not my style and often cut in a way that is unflattering on my body shape. That being said one of my favourite locations is the Sportsgirl in Chermside Shopping Center because accessories is in a different store front across the isle and clothing is in the other.

stuff for style

Roses, Pearls and Your Grandaddy's Bling

For the past couple of seasons they have been making a lot of very loli-able jewelery and hair accessories. Most fashion stores here are stocking bows (for hair and as brooches) in various sizes and fabrics/textures perfectly suited for varying lolita styles. Bows are very much en vouge outside of lolita which I for one am happy about because I love bows! They also have been doing a lot of Classic friendly jewelery with pearls, resin roses, charms and antique look findings as well as Goth-y style romantic jewelery. Anecdotal my friend was wearing a very gothic lolita/goth-friendly piece of jewelery from Sportsgirl and when asked at a club where she got it (Sportsgirl) the other person sneered. Sportsgirl is seen the dominion of “normal girls” who like modern graphic prints and the so-hot-its-cold-Hipster-trend-du-jour but hey my friend and I don’t give a crap :D. Their accessories start at $5.95 and never cost anymore than $30, often they have good sales when old lines make way for the new.

Their colours cosmetics range (mainly talking about their nail polishes, glitter and glimmers, eyeshadow/pencils, lipsticks and glosses) is also great because its great quality as far as wear, pigment and price. I cannot vouch for their faux tanning range because I was born toasty brown.

war paint baby

Great quality essentials

Their cosmetics start at $5 and are no more than $20/25.

They do stock some other cool accessories sometimes, I bought a beautiful Bowler hat from Sportsgirl a little while back for $40 and occasionally have cool boots and heels. Go in there for the acessories if nothing else – I know I do!

Clothing 1/10 – Occasionally might find a cool jacket but usually not worth it
Accessories 6/10 for Selection – depending on what’s in – Quality 8/10
Cosmetics 8/10 – good quality that’s bang for the buck
International Shipping? I do believe they do and with the conversion rate from AUD to USD expect to save!
Store: 6.5/10 – I find a lot of mainstream stores intimidating but for the most part the Brisbane based stores I’ve been to have been good and the staff are friendly.

A Lolita Valentine

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A quick shout out to loli_valentines – occasionally we lolitas like to stop with the hair pulling, eye gouging and gangland style executions to give a little love to Lolitas we know and love. The good thing about loli valentines is that it is not limited to valentines, you can send your anon love notes all year round (like a real creeper). And though I’m a little late with this one its a mega word up to the regular Brisbane Albert Street Droogs *gang sign*.


And also to all the babes not pictured here too.

That being said, Valentines is a crock and I’ll still be lonely, horny (+1 sex store frequent buyer card punch hole) and casting voodoo curses on dating sites that yield no (usable) results.

Wardrobe Season: The Killing time

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Oh god – it seems I will have to sell some of my dresses, or at least one my Alice and the Pirates OP, due to the fact that it has stopped fitting me. When I first bought it was like a dream but slowly I EXPANDED OUTWARDS and now I am remiss to sell one of my prize possessions.

I am trying to not feel like a massive failure, I feel like I work as hard as I can to get the money for the things I want and when I have to lose those things it’s a bit of a blow. I like material things, I’m a friggen Capricorn baby.

But it seems to me that before I have to remove my limb/sell my dress there are certain things I have to consider. Not only about selling this particular item but other items in my wardrobe.

If it doesn’t fit, consider alteration. If alteration is not in the budget/item will lose its possible resale value with modification/cannot be modified it may be a good time to reconsider its place. If it still has some retail value, an easy way to ascertain what sort of price range you can sell your (dress/shoes/skirt/blouse/bag/ect) item is to check egl_comm_sales and see what similar items are selling for. Can you let it go for a competitive price? Is it a rare item that you could start a reasonable bidding war with? Can you sell it for less if desperate for the money or desperate to be rid of it?

Before I sell it – is it clean? Do I have to dry clean it or attend to any marks or stains? Is the set complete? What sort of postage (national/international) rate can I estimate to have to charge?

My Dress
* Alteration possible but I would rather the cash than mangle it.
* A guesstimate of $150 usd would be a good starting point OBO
* It was part of a special set from AATP, I bought it only with the set socks which now have no resale value, has original detachable sleeves but the cravat part is missing (possibly lost, if can find it all the better for sale possibilities)* cleaning may be needed as it has hung in closet for a while and a good pressing and ironing would make it easier to fold such a busy dress and send through the post in a reasonable way.

When selling items such as clothing, shoes, bags, hair accessories it is common courtesy to wash the items properly, even dry cleaning for certain times. If you smoke, find someone who doesn’t to give the fabric a smell and even if the scent is faint, non smokers are squicked out by residual smoke – air out your clothing and use a reasonable amount of fabric freshener. If you cannot get rid of the smell and try to sell it anyway you may cop some bad feedback and reviews. As a smoker myself I have received items that were quite smoky which is unpleasant and unprofessional.

For shoes, make sure the soles are clean – sometimes international customs may find contaminated dirt/insects on shoes and not let it through – it keeps fungus, insects and other contaminants from wrecking at the environment and leaves a lolita out there barefoot. Make sure to clean the inside of the shoes too as athlete’s foot and mould is not lolita.

Hair bows can be gently hand washed and if you have a flat hair iron with heat settings you can gently press it flat as well. With plastic hair bows/bands you might see some residue of hair spray/products on the surface, a wet wipe might help or an alcohol swab.

In the end, to be a good seller, send your goods as you would like to recieve it and consider with research your price and desireablitly of what you are going to sell. Taking a chance also may suprize you – and in the end you will be minus one item and plus money.

Maybe one say I will have the balls to sell my dress and stop hoping that one day I open my eyes and I’m back in the past when it did fit me well. I know what I have to do to replace this depressing garment with money that may fund a less depressing garment…. ;__; CURSES!

Spotlight: Xelyna

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Many years ago there was only one official Lolita in almost all of Australia. That was Jessica aka Xelyna who happened to also live in the same area as I did, we started talking and she turned into a good friend and someone who taught me a lot about Lolita before the resources we have today (such as English language Gothic and Lolita Bibles) were available.  It’s always fantastic when you befriend someone who has the same passion for Lolita as you do, I now have so many lolita friends but the first will always be Xelyna.

Xelyna is part of the moderating team on the largest Lolita community online egl via Live Journal Communities and for the past four years has been living and working in Japan though she has recently returned to Australia. She is something of a self taught designer and recently launched her own website Xelyna the Gothic Lolita from there you can access her fashion show photographs, up coming blog and personal collection of photos.

She has a real passion for VK music – popular and indie – Lolita and is an all round awesome dudette so check out her site: