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Lolita in Secret challenged me; Lolita Pet Peeves!

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Fellow lolita blogger Lolita in Secret asked her fellow bloggers what is their top five pet peeves. Lolitas have plenty to be pissed off about and these are my pet peeves.

1. Black x White Co-ordinates = Instant Ita! Ha, hell no – Black and White co-ordinates were once a classic bench mark of the gothic lolita style and when done right can be elegant, sweet and classic. Just because a few beginners or cosplayers loose a thing or two in translation doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get better than that.

Blanco y Negro

An oldie but a goodie, I miss my short cute hair

2. All Lolitas Love Anime, Japanese Music and Manga. No we don’t, though I’ve read, listened and watched a few good ones it doesn’t hold my interest as much as Batman and the DC Universe does. I’m a huge Watchmen fan and I sometimes wear my Blood Drop Comedian pin with my Lolita dresses, I’m crazy about Metalocalypse which ties into my love of Metal and Goth Rock. Lolita is a loose affiliation with an aesthetic more than it is about mutual interest outside of your opinion on Angelic Pretty. Lolitas can be Otaku but we’re also Goths, Punks, Stoners, Hipsters and sick sad people who like Country and Western.

3. Petticoat Deflation. According to my dear friend Disa an all organza petticoat made of about a zillion yards worth of fabric will hold its poof indefinably  and is also machine washable. She’s made herself a prototype and I’m mad jelly, I’ve been making do with four deflated pettis Frankensteined into one plus another skirt under my dresses.

Drink Drink Drink

All this tom-foolery may be the cause, or cure?

4. Mini Top hats and in fact 99% of mini hats. This is mainly because 99% of them are not worn in a flattering way, from the wonky ita ones to the high end millinery ones. Its usually because people don’t know how to style their hair so it sits properly on their heads.

5. Unsolicited photographs. Especially if you’re a semi-pro photographer or might use our image for commercial gain – this is not on. Would you do the same to a stranger who you saw holding a bag you think is pretty? No and ninja phone photos are also not cool. Please respect the privacy concerns of others.


Other Peoples Buisness: Lolita Blogs

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You can find a blog for anything now’a’days and Lolita is no exception! (Hell, you may even be reading a blog at this very minute!) So I’d like to take a little time to talk about a few that I personally read.
That was a lot I’ve just been itching to say.

A blog I keep an eye on is Victoria Suzanne’s Lolita Charm which focuses more on style, fashion tips, issues within the EGL/Lolita community as well as the usual “Lifestyle” articles.

Lolita Charm is an intresting read and her arguments are very well thought out, she has a great writing style.

A new blog, established by a seasoned member of the lolita community, the takes-no-crap-from-no-one Miss Amani writing for Lovely Nectar. Lovely Nectar is just starting up but I’m so far pleased with her efforts, she’s told me that in the future she may also write about her interests in Hime Gyaru as well as Lolita styles.

Amani is renown for her style (she’s one hep cat!) so I hope to see more of her opinions and takes on Lolita and fashion in general.

If anyone out there can recommend any other blogs for review, yours or someone elses please feel free to tell me about them.