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Max Brenner Chocolate Meet

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Tomorrow I will post the last delicious update of the prize pool for the Exquisite Corpses photo comp – keep those entries coming – I’ve received so many cute ones it’ll be hard to choose a winner!

A few days ago the Brisbane Lolitas and I went to Max Brenner which is a specialty chocolate cafe – so delicious!

This is what I wore

Tiara Rose

Too Herp to Derp (Click for bigger)

JSK: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Bodyline
Socks: BTSSB
Shoes: Bodyline
Bow: Angelic Pretty

To see all the other girls click HERE to see the image gallery!


Metamorphose Perfume Bottle

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Rose Parfum it ain’t but damn if I dont want this in black like burning.

Smells like Teen Spirit

Metamorphose - Feeding my obsession with bottles

I really do have a thing for bottles and any container that holds liquids. When I’m old and senile I’ll be one of those crazy bats who fills her whole house with jam jars and is found three months later partially mumified/pickled under a mountain of collectible nutella jars. I personally don’t mind the blue in this as the pink is just as neon and I do love the strands of broken pearls scattered around the bottles too.


I wonder how much I can sell my blood for this on the black market?

This is up for reservations soon on Metamorphose’s website

Loliweekend Log and Stats!

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Huzzah! 80 000 hits!

Frills and an urge to Kill

Alice is Dead. Long Live Lolita

That’s just a very rough drawing I did in a book and hopefully will paint as a proper oil painting miniature. I like the visual of lolitas doing active things even if those things are violent as opposed to the passive, sit there and look pretty thing seen in most lolita drawings/art.

The first day of the Loli weekend was the big day meet there was a good turn out. Filming was a little different but we’re all very much used to being photographed and looked at especially when in a group. We met at King George Square where we were all interviewed as a group about people’s reactions to seeing us as a group, there was a parasol fight (to the death, Star Trek battle theme plays in background) purikura and drinks at Fat Louies to celebrate Suze’s birthday.



I’m the one in the middle looking like a true chumpette – Outfit by Bodyline, Metamorphose, Enchantress and whatever I could find rolling around my bedroom floor.

Drink, Smoke and be Lolita

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There is the pervasive myth on what the Western lolita “should” be – as in a code of behavior – which is prim, proper and passive. That Lolitas shouldn’t drink, smoke, swear or be jerks. I personally think that’s a load of bullshit because at the end of the day people in the lolita subculture are human. It’s a good thing usually to keep the profanities down to a minimum, keep your liver in tact so someone else could one day use it/eat it to gain your power and keep the tobacco smoke out of your expensive garments but fucked if I could be bothered really.

Albert Street Goons

A Rare and Delicate Bloom

On Drinking
Chambord Liquer is pretty much the most lolita of all boozes, it’s even got a crown on it! Chambord is made from raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar vanilla, Moroccan citrus peel, honey and cognac and tastes great in cocktails. My personal favorite being lime juice, Chambord and lemonade and if you’re feeling extra blasphemous try the Blood of Christ cocktail, Chambord, Triple Sec, Grand Mariner and grenadine.


The Loliest of all Boozes

For the beer drinkers, branch out and try some local or international brews, for the homebrewers out there I put to you a challenge – create Lolibrau – a beer for lolitas, by lolitas and now with even MOAR BOWS.

On Smoking
The latest trend right now is eCigarettes – battery powered cigarettes that vaporize nicotine into vapour with no tar or smoke – you can smoke those bad boys anywhere and come in a variety of flavours. For the tradiontional smoker who wants to colour co-ordinate I’d recommend Fantasias, Sobranie Coctails and Black Russians.



Sobraine is one of the oldest cigarette companies in the world and also make a rainbow coloured ciagrette known as Sobraine Coctails as well as the distinctive Black Russians which have a black paper covering.

Sorbaine Cocktails

Sorbaine Cocktails - and you thought AP was way pastel

I like the occasional Clove for the taste, Black Devils too when Sobranies are not in the budget but for the most part I stick to Marlboro Reds and Benson and Hedges Classic.

We all have vices, at the very least you can get your vices to match your hand bag and never apologize for having flair or taste ladies.

Lolita Blogs: Hot on the Side Bar

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Keep an eye on this blog’s side bar because I’m adding most of my favorite lolita related blogs



Mariana: What she told me about being an Angelic Pretty model

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A long time ago – around 2004 – I had become friends with a young girl who’d recently moved from Japan to Australia to study. The interest that brought us together was Lolita and her experience of Japan and lolita in Japan was defiantly fascinating. I think she was Brazilian born but had grown up in Japan and her name was Mariana.

On the left – even she was quite ‘wtf’ about that hair. Click for Larger

Mariana is no longer a lolita and we do not see her very often but when we do it is always a treat because she’s a sweet and friendly girl. I remember talking to her about how she became a model for Angelic Pretty, the story goes that she was simply standing in the store shopping when she was approached to do a fashion show for them. It’s rather fanciful stuff but she did model for two or three event shows and she told me that they made her wear about five of their poofiest petticoats and that it was hard to move around in.

Mariana also appears in two full page advertisements in the Gothic and Lolita Bible:

Cuteness Redefined!
Early 2000s Advert for Angelic Pretty – Click for larger

I am not sure what the situation with models currently is at AP these days but she told me that these shoots took several hours and were not done for the pay but for the prestige. I think she said the pay was about $40 tops but hey bragging rights are priceless no? In the end she found she preferred the more mature Classic lolita look and the more subdued gothic style but after a while decided she liked other clothing better and that happens. People grow.

Old picture is old
Mariana and I – 2004

Can you dig that ancient ass old-school headpiece I’m rocking? I miss hanging around her, she was good kind of people, great seamstress too and hilarious when drunk. I hope I see her again soon.

New People: The Great Lolita Dream Come True

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For years and years and years the greater American population of Lolitas has been lamenting the lack of Japanese Lolita Brand retail in America. Some doubters said it would never happen and even the most hopeful amongst them speculated it would take many years for such an operation to be viable.

Slowly but surely we’ve seen the main three Lolita fashion houses (Metamorphose, Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty) open there internet based stores open doors to International customer. Now you can access almost every major Sweet, Classic and Gothic Lolita brand online without having to use a shopping service.

New People is a vibrant new retail center based in San Francisco, California that showcases the most popular products, brands and products from Japan. Two of those retail stores are BTSSB, Black Peace Now (also there is 6%Dokidoki). The opening was quite a sensation, food, promotions, games, live music and a mass gathering of hundreds of Lolitas and Japanese fashion fans converged from all over the United States.

As far as the West Coast is concerned the American Lolita Dream has come true – especially for fans of Baby and BPN – so like their international internet expansion – will this mean Angelic Pretty sets up a rival East Coast store? Will this be like the Rap Battles of the 1990’s with Angelic Pretty being the Notorious B.I.G of this tale and Baby the Tu Pac? Will these ventures last? Obviously these projects were not taken into lightly by the Brands but in wobbly economic times we all clutch our Bunny Bear Bags and keep our fingers crossed that more Lolita brands come to America and maybe even further abroad.